Dungeons and Dragons sports competition coming to Twitch

There soon be a new way for players to experience Dungeons and Dragons, one that adds a competitive edge to the game.

The crews behind Encounter Roleplay and DND Beyond announced DND Sports, an online Dungeons and Dragons tournament.

Sixteen teams will compete teams of four in a single elimination tournament. Each game is a best of three arena battle and played on Roll20. The players will be revealed in the days leading up to the competition, the team names have been revealed and are based on D&D monsters.

The rules for the match will be refined after the next round of play testing and there is plans to implement MOBA style mechanics. Players will choose from 15 pre-generated characters and adapt fifth edition D&D rules.

The competition is akin to a grand melee battle royal but instead of a free for all, players will be working with each other.

While it will be played on Roll20, it is not necessarily an eSport, rather it is a way to introduce competitive gamers and fans of the genre to Dungeons and Dragons. While competitors will not be immersed in a story crated by a dungeon master, they will still utilize the rules, traits and equipment for their characters.

This could be the springboard for more players to begin playing Dungeons and Dragons. It also gives a new experience for people who have been playing and watching D&D for years.

The competition will be broadcast on the DND Sports Twitch channel at noon PST, and later posted on Youtube.

Below is the schedule of upcoming matches, though the card is subject to change.

  • Nov. 12 – Heat 1: Team Beholder vs. Team Mindflayer
  • Nov. 17 – Heat 2: Team Kobold vs. Team Tarrasque
  • Nov. 24 – All Stars Charity game for 826LA foundation
  • Dec. 1 – Grand Finals

What type of party would you and your friends put together for a D&D sports team?