Guilds of Ravnica: Ghost family Obzedat rule the Orzhov Syndicate

As October continues, MTG: the Sideboard will continue to focus on creatures and monsters associated with Halloween. Like many planes in Magic: the Gathering, Ravnica hosts many ghosts, including a family that rules the Orzhov Syndicate.

The Ghost Council of Orzhova, also known as the Obzedat, is the controlling body of the Syndicate, a guild in Ravnica associated with white and blue. The council is made up of former Orzhov patriarchs and matriarchs, who became spirits after death.

The Ghost Council resides deep under the Orzhov district in central Ravnica. Some speculate the original council was made up of the Orzhov representatives who originally signed the Ravnica Guildpact, or they were at least the ones who lived during the time.

Membership of the council is awarded to those who gave an excellent performance in life, but it is  subject to a probation period.

The Syndicate is a guild focuses on business, power and wealth. It akin to a city’s economics division or chamber of commerce, though the Orzhov worships wealth above all. In a way, the Ghost Council acts like a mafia organization.

The council is represented in two cards: Ghost Council of Orzhova and Obzedat, Ghost Council.

Ghost Council of Orzhova is a 4/4 legendary creature that requires four mana – two white and two black – to summon.

When Ghost Council of Orzhova enters the battlefield, target opponent loses one life and and its controller gains one life.

For one mana, the player can sacrifice a creature to exile Ghost Council of Orzhova. Following that action, the player can return Ghost Council of Orzhova to the battlefield under its owner’s control at the beginning of the next end step.

Obzedat, Ghost Council is a 5/5 a legendary creature requiring five mana – two black, two white and one of any color – to summon.

When Obzedat, Ghost Council enters the battlefield, target opponent loses two life and its controller gains two life.

Similar to the other card, the player tap one mana to exile Obzedat, Ghost Council at the beginning of their end step and may exile Obzedat. If they do so, they can return it to the battlefield under their owner’s control at the beginning of their next upkeep. Obzedat, Ghost Council also gains haste.

One of the council’s members also has a card representing him – Karlov of the Ghost Council.

Karlov is a 2/2 legendary creature requiring one black mana and one white mana to summon.

The card also has two abilities. First, when a player gains life, they can put two +1/+1 counters on Karlov of the Ghost Council.

For one white and one black mana, players can remove six +1/+1 counters from Karlov of the Ghost Council and exile a target creature. While Karlov isn’t a strong creature initially, players protect him and build up his strength as they widdle down their opponents’ life. Players like to combo Karlov with creatures like Sun Droplet, Soul Warden and Suture Priest.

Players can look at different websites, such as MTG Goldfish to learn builds and strategies for any one of the three legendary creature cards associated with the Ghost Council.

What is your favorite ghost or spirit creature to use in Magic: the Gathering?

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